What is FORSATI?

Powered by Tamkeen and Microsoft, FORSATI promises to empower youth employability and enhance productivity in Bahrain. Backed by the new Microsoft Certifications, the program will enable Bahrainis to learn and apply new skills to compete in a global economy, and will also provide a boost to qualified Bahraini youth to lead the future of the IT industry and national economy of Bahrain.


This initiative aims to lead the future of Bahrainis in the technology field. Tamkeen and Microsoft hand-in-hand brings you the key to step up your career - wether you are looking for the opportunity to get trained, to get your dream IT job or to start your own business, FORSATI is made for you!

FORSATI is for:


Job Seekers


Employed: looking for a career change, growth, or starting their own business.  


Startups, Business Owners, Business Partners


Students in their last year of study

Impact of Certification

A Certified IT Employee
Entry-level new hires with certification
  • Earn 15% more, on average, than staff without certification

  • Have higher productivity for server, database, and application teams

  • Is nearly 20% more productive

  • Can support complex and evolving technologies and security issues
  • Simplify the candidate screening process

  • Reach full productivity

  • Have longer tenures, on average

  • Have more opportunities for advancement


Advance your career in technology, let FORSATI spark your way to a better future.