3rd Edition of Forsati Connect

3rd Edition of Forsati Connect!

24th April 2019, 6:00pm
Awal Ballroom, Gulf Hotel


Forsati Connect is organized by ThinkSmart for Development and Training as part of Forsati inivtiative in partnership with Tamkeen. Forsati program aims to develop skills for Bahrainis to meet Market demand, encourage Bahrainis to pursue Entrepreneurship, provide qualified trained and work-ready Bahraini Professionals ans position the engaged Universities, Private and Public Organizations as providers of Quality Professionals.

In the 3rd Edition of Forsati Connect held in April 24, 2019, brought together ICT Community of Bahrain to Connect, collaborate and engage in collective learning and fun. It is an opportunity for your Bahrainis to meet the IT Leaders of Bahrain and gain valuable insights for their employability and Entrepreneurship ambitions. Forsati Connect welcomes the students, job seekers, new to the IT field or experienced professionals.


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